Have you tried our Lasagna here at The Italian in Romiley?

This week’s blog post looks into one of our most popular dishes: Lasagna al Forno.

Lasagne are large thin flat pasta sheets, known to be one of the oldest varieties of pasta in Italy. The dish itself is traditionally made by layering these pasta sheets with meaty ragú (or Bolognese sauce as it is known here), tomato, béchamel, plenty of parmesan cheese, and oven baking it till the pasta inside is cooked and it is nice and golden on top.

Our homemade lasagna here at a The Italian in Romiley

Our homemade lasagna here at a The Italian in Romiley

Originating in the Emilia Romagna region in the north of Italy, and mainly served on Sunday’s, at family gatherings, or during the Carnivale (the Christian festival just before the start of lent). It quickly became a traditional dish all over the country, with many different variations – including the addition of meatballs, different types of salamis, eggs, bacon, pancetta, vegetables or many different types of cheeses. I’ve even seen white lasagna with no tomatoes in!

Perfect for feeding a large family, lasagna when cooked right should be firm and hold its shape on the plate and not flop down, collapse or have a soppy texture. The lasagna we make here at The Italian in Romiley is always made to our owner Ferdinando’s recipe and very high standards. Lovingly slow cooked British beef mincemeat and our house Italian red wine for our bolognese ragú sauce, layered with lasagne pasta sheets imported from Italy, a mixture of Grana Padano and Ricotta cheeses which give it a slightly creamy flavour inside, and a secret ingredient that gives our lasagna an extra dimension. Oven baked here till the mozzarella cheese on top is golden, slightly crispy and the whole dish is bubbling hot!

The ultimate Italian comfort food

Buon Appetito